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Classic English Folk Songs


First published in 1959 as The Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, this ground-breaking collection reclaimed traditional song from the school and the recital room, and from the ‘evening dress’ into which it had so often been put during the first half of the twentieth century.

Community Dances Manual

A classic collection of English and American social folk dances and tunes This is a 2015 reprint (with newly designed front cover, new subtitle and additional introduction) of the 2005 revised edition of this well-loved original series of dance instructions and tunes which began in 1947.

The book contains more than 130 English and American social folk dances and tunes for English country dancing, ceilidhs, barn dances and American contra dances; with dance notation and music on facing pages for ease of use. An extensive glossary provides detailed notes on formations, steps and figures for anyone not familiar with the terms used.

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Dear Companion


Appalachian Traditional Songs and Singers from the Cecil Sharp Collection
Compiled and edited by Mike Yates, Elaine Bradtke and Malcolm Taylor.
Preface by Shirley Collins.

English Traditional Dancing (Book)


Instructions for 28 dances in traditional English style for dance beginners of all ages.
Suitable for school teachers, community leaders and home learning families with little or no prior knowledge of English traditional social dancing. Designed to work with the accompanying CD.

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Hardcore English Book

A Collection of 300 Tunes from English manuscript, recorded and aural sources.


The first book of English tunes to be published by EFDSS for many years, presenting an overview of the current understanding of English traditional dance music.
There is an accompanying 2-CD set of 32 of the tunes from this book.
First published 2007.

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The Histories of Morris in Britain


The Histories of the Morris in Britain presents the proceedings from the two-day conference held at Cecil Sharp House on the 25th and 26th March 2017, organised by the Historical Dance Society and English Folk Dance and Song Society.

Marrow Bones

Selected and Edited by Frank Purslow


First published in 1965, Marrow Bones drew on the existence of largely unpublished folk song collections made by Henry and Robert Hammond and Dr George Gardiner between 1904 and 1909, chiefly in Dorset and Hampshire, which are held in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library at Cecil Sharp House in London.

Also available as part of the Marrow Bones, Wanton Seed and Southern Harvest Set.

May Day in England


The booklet offers some introductory guidance to enquirers about May Day in finding relevant material.

Maypole Manual

Mike Ruff and Jenny Read

The Maypole Manual has full colour pictures and diagrams of 19 different dances of accessible and curriculum-relevant content. The manual also includes further information on the origins and history of maypole dancing, inclusion, links to the wider curriculum, music for musicians to play and much more.

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Room, Room, Ladies and Gentleman - English Mummers’ Play


This is a concise introduction to this complex subject and selected texts which represent the
various types of play known to have existed within England since records began.
There are also some hints on performing the plays in a school context, or anywhere, for that
Published by EFDSS in association with The Folklore Society 2002.

Singing & Dancing Wherever She Goes: Life of Maud Karpeles


The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) is proud to announce the publication of Maud Karpeles’ biography, written by the late Simona Pakenham. A personal friend of Maud’s, Pakenham has combined information from a number of sources: Maud’s unpublished autobiography, notebooks, letters and diaries, supplemented by the reminiscences of many friends.

Still Growing

English Traditional Songs and Singers from the Cecil Sharp Collection

50 songs from the enormous volume of collected works of Cecil Sharp, with music and notes on the singers.


An introduction on Cecil Sharp and English Folk Music by Vic Gammon.
Published by EFDSS in association with Folk South West 2003.

Traveller's Joy

Songs of English and Scottish Travellers and Gypsies


Compiled by Mike Yates
Foreward by Norma Waterson
Traveller’s Joy is first and foremost a songbook, a collection of over fifty songs to be learned, sung, and enjoyed by the reader. The intention is to portray the singers and their music with honesty and sensitivity.

The Wanton Seed


Originally selected and edited by Frank Purslow. Revised by Malcolm Douglas and Steve Gardham. English Folk Songs from the Hammond and Gardiner Manuscripts.

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