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The Building of Cecil Sharp House

An illustrated guide by Brenda Godrich.

A world-class dedicated folk arts centre, Cecil Sharp House is at the heart of English folk. This fascinating and insightful booklet tells the story of how Cecil Sharp House came to be built.

The narrative starts with the man who founded the English Folk Dance Society and to whom the headquarters building was dedicated after his death.

With a unique history stretching back to 1930, the venue exists to serve its wide and diverse audiences and continue adding to the rich history - from bomb damage to the 60ft Ivon Hitchens mural the early years are recorded in this easy-to-read booklet. The iconic Grade II listed building is home to EFDSS and the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library, England's national collection of folk music and dance.

Published EFDSS 2009

EFDSS Fan Pack

The ideal gift for yourself or a loved one - show your swordlock with this bundle of goodies including a EFDSS tote bag, a EFDSS pencil, the silver swordlock badge and a beautiful postcard of Ivon Hitchens mural in Cecil Sharp House.

English Dance and Song Magazine

The English Folk Dance and Song Society publishes a highly regarded quarterly members’ newsletter, English Dance & Song (EDS).

EDS is the oldest folk music and dance magazine in the world. It is essential reading for anyone with a passion for folk arts. First published in 1936, EDS magazine has always prided itself on providing information, debate and inspiration.

Ivon Hitchens Mural Postcard

Flexible papercard, gloss front and matt backed - perfect for writing addresses and messages. This postcard shows the wonderful 60ft long Ivon Hitchens mural created in 1954 for our Society home Cecil Sharp House.

210 x 85mm

Also available as part of the EFDSS Fan Pack.

Limited Edition EFDSS Tote

Strictly limited edition (500) tote bag, featuring exclusive artwork by artist and illustrator Luke Drozd. The two-sided design is based on Shirley Collins’ version of Hares on the Mountain, with lyrics printed on the back:

“If all you young men were hares on the mountain, how many girls would take guns and go
Hares on the Mountain, Roud 329

High quality natural cotton tote with long handles and gusset.
Dimensions: 38 x 43 x 10cm

Also available as part of the EFDSS Fan Pack.

EFDSS Pencil

Special EFDSS Branded Pencil.

Also available as part of the EFDSS Fan Pack.

Swordlock Badge

EFDSS logo Swordlock silver badge.

Also available as part of the EFDSS Fan Pack.

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