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Cecil Sharp House Choir: Twice Good Morning (CD)

Featuring a selection of glorious a capella harmony arrangements of traditional songs from the British Isles and beyond, mostly arranged by its inspiring leader Sally Davies, both the concert and CD will draw on the best of the choir’s repertoire, created over the past seven years since it was established by EFDSS in 2008.

Track listing:
1. Bedlam Boys
2. Lovely on the Water
3. The Outlandish Knight
4. The False Knight on the Road
5.The Handweaver and the Factory Maid
6. Ballad of Grace Darling
7. Shallow Brown
8. Poverty Knock
9. The Oak and the Ash
10. Lovely Joan
11. The Broomdasher
12. Bushes and Briars
13. Woodford May Song
14. Jovial Broom Man

A Century of Song (CD)

A Celebration of Traditional Singers since 1898 released to mark the society's centenary in 1998.

Compiled and edited by Derek Schofield and Malcolm Taylor, who also wrote the notes on the singers and the songs

This collection especially important for any traditional folk song fans for making available the 5 tracks of phonograph recordings made in the first decade of this century. These enable us to have at least a small sample of how folk sang at the time. These tracks whilst lacking in audio quality, pay dividends by repeated listening to them.

Community Dances CD

A range of tunes to country dance to, can be used with multiple dances.

Buy as a set with the Community Dances Manual

More about the CD, including links to download retailers

2019 Re-release

English Traditional Dancing (CD)

11 dance tunes taken from the book of the same name

Dance List:
1. Circassian Circle (Uncle Bernard’s Polka) - Pesky
2. Galopede - John Kirkpatrick
3. Dorset Ring Dance (Roxburgh Castle and Gilderoy) - Malarkey
4. Three Meet - Pesky
5. Brighton Camp - Heterophony
6. Six Hand Reel (Farewell to Whiskey) - Heterophony
7. Marmhull Dance (Girl with the Blue Dress On and Astley’s Ride) - Pesky
8. Johnny Fetch Your Wife Back (Johnny Get Your Hair Cut) - John Kirkpatrick
9. Turn Off Six (Soldier’s Joy) - Vic Godrich, Helen Morris, Leigh Dyer
10. Cumberland Long Eight (Morpeth Rant & Soldier’s Joy) - Pesky
11. Norfolk Long Dance (The Perfect Cure & Captain Nemo) - Heterophony

Buy as a set with the English Traditional Dancing Book

Hardcore English CD

A selection of 32 tunes, taken from the book of the same name.

Also available as a set with the book.

Buy as a set with the Hardcore English Book

Maypole Manual CD

Mike Ruff and Jenny Read

This is the accompanying 14 track CD to the Maypole Manual book. A complete full colour pictures and diagrams of 19 different dances.

Buy as a set with the Maypole Manual

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