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English Traditional Dancing (CD)

11 dance tunes taken from the book of the same name

Dance List:
1. Circassian Circle (Uncle Bernard’s Polka) - Pesky
2. Galopede - John Kirkpatrick
3. Dorset Ring Dance (Roxburgh Castle and Gilderoy) - Malarkey
4. Three Meet - Pesky
5. Brighton Camp - Heterophony
6. Six Hand Reel (Farewell to Whiskey) - Heterophony
7. Marmhull Dance (Girl with the Blue Dress On and Astley’s Ride) - Pesky
8. Johnny Fetch Your Wife Back (Johnny Get Your Hair Cut) - John Kirkpatrick
9. Turn Off Six (Soldier’s Joy) - Vic Godrich, Helen Morris, Leigh Dyer
10. Cumberland Long Eight (Morpeth Rant & Soldier’s Joy) - Pesky
11. Norfolk Long Dance (The Perfect Cure & Captain Nemo) - Heterophony

Buy as a set with the English Traditional Dancing Book

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